Dragon Trainers

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Dragon Trainers

Post by Fírnen-Támerlein on Mon May 27, 2013 8:51 am

Dragon Trainers
Dragon Trainers are usually born and raised in the Village of Dragons in Unova. They are very wild and quick thinking, hating urban life and intelligent enough to quickly act in order to help others. Their partners are normally Axew and/or its evolved forms, and they, strangely, have a morbid fear of Ice-types and the cold. They can be incredibly bold and-dare I say it- reckless sometimes, as long as Dragon-types are involved, such as Iris' bravery when faced with a rampaging Druddigon. They can understand Dragon-types as if they themselves were one. When a Dragon Trainer has completed their journey and fully evolved their partener Axew into Haxorus, they are known as Dragon Masters and are formiddable rivals. However, occasionally a Dragon Buster, a trainer who deliberately catches many Ice-types, can defeat them. Dragon Busters are known for their hatred of those from the Village of Dragons after a rogue Haxorus from their destroyed the original home of these trainers many hundreds of years ago.

Some Dragon Trainers/Masters are:

Iris and her Axew

Drayden, a Dragon Master and Gym Leader.

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