Aura Guardians

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Aura Guardians

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Aura Guardian

Aura Guardians are an ancient order of Pokemon Trainers with odd abilities. These trainers have the rare ability to channel their life force into a blue energy that can be wielded as a weapon. Both certain Pokemon and a few humans can use this ability. Most Aura Guardians trave with a Riolu or Lucario; however, an Aura Guardian can transfer a tiny portion of their own Aura into another Pokemon, which awakens that Pokemon's knowledge and use of Aura. This can only happen once and is highly discouraged, as it results in slight exhaustion for an indefinate period , which worsens the more you do it. Transferring large amounts of Aura or tranferring small amounts many times can result in terminal illness or even death.
The known abilities of Aura are:
-Ability to read minds and actions of another being.
-Ability to "sense" other Auras and view surroundings even with a blindfold, also allows users to view through some objects.
-Projection of one's Aura; such as to create barriers or attacks. It can also be used to transfer Aura to others but that method can be fatal to the user.
- Activation of time flowers (A time flower is a crystalized flower that grows in and around the Tree of Beginning. It is unknown if they are actual flowers, or of the same type of living crystal that makes up the Tree of Beginning. It has the ability to record events and play them at a later date as a holographic image along with sound, if it is stimulated by the right aura. In this way, they are almost like living time capsules or natural cameras. So far, the only ones known to be able to activate them are Sir Aaron, Sir Aaron's Lucario, and Ash Ketchum.)
Aura Guardians, when inducted, swear that they will use thier powers only for good. An Aura Guardian who uses their Aura for evil is a formidable force indeed.

A Time Flower

The flashbacks caused by Time Flowers

Sir Aaron was a recognised Aura Guardian, and Riley is an Aura Guardian in training. Ash Ketchum is also known to have the abilities of an Aura Guardian; however he chose to continue on his Pokemon journey rather than pursue his ability.

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