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The Professor's Lab

Post by Fírnen-Támerlein on Sun May 19, 2013 6:01 am

The Pokemon Laboratory

"I am the Pokemon Professor," says the intimidating figure before you, "and I want to lay some ground rules before I give you your Pokemon...
"- You may have only one trainer per account; however there is no limit on the number of accounts you may have, as long as you can manage them all. Your username must be related to your trainer or main Pokemon; and your avatar must be a mugshot of your OC or an image of your main Pokemon.
- Please no swearing. At all. Rather, say "Oh my Giratina" or "Son of a Bastiodon", etc.
- There is no limit on the number of characters you can create; however try to keep the spread of genders and pokemon species even. It's just no fun if you sign up and whatshisface12 or whatever has made seventy trillion Snivy and I have to put up a ban. I mean, What if you only like Snivy?
- I beg of you, no put downs, period. This site is for friends and friends only.
-No insulting other creations. Last letter: Y. You're no better than anyone else.
- Be intelligent. I may be the brains of this joint, but can you at least spell your words correctly? It's frinking annoying when someone writes "My Sinvy" instead of "My Snivy"
- Contribute! Don't be an intravert; this is a social site. Have fun.
- Fakemon and FalseFormes can be used on this site. However, these must be bought from the Pokemart. Please provide a picture. If you PM me I will make a Pokedex reading and classification. You can also pick up ones off the internet. As long as you don't go and find, say, extra Keldeo Formes on, say, deviantART, don't go around saying 'I made this one all by myself!There is no need to state where you got it from, but don't claim it as your own. Intellectual Property. You will find a very pointy shoe kicking you off this site if you violate this rule.
- Please ask permission before defeating another character; it's plain rude not to ask. I don't want anyone defeating anyone else's characters. However, you can knock out your own characters.
- You can own a legendary! You must buy it from the Pokemart, and only one legendary per trainer. "
The Professor nods and gestures to a machine holding a circle of Pokeballs.
"Take your pick. You've earned it"


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